Analytical Cannabis: The Science of Extraction

The extraction process of cannabis is critical because it helps a manufacturer obtain the highest concentration of THC and CBD with a mostly clear and viscous fluid. Extraction time, flow rate, temperature and pressure along with crossover pressure combine to determine the factors influencing the quality of extract.

The World is Flat. Are Its Generations?

Iryna Lozynska says that with unprecedented connectivity comes a perceived homogeneity, where a Millennial in North America “feels” a lot more similar to a Millennial in Southeast Asia. Is this a fundamental, observable fact, or merely the smoke and mirrors effect of social media? Will this spirit of shared values blow away at the first geopolitical hiccup, or is this a Brave New World here to stay?

Cannabis Education with Canada’s Newcomers

A first of its kind event series aims to bridge the gap between post-legalization cannabis in Canada and Canada’s newcomers, enabling the education of plant science, exploration of brand opportunities, and discussion of attitudes and beliefs that shape the culture of cannabis today.

Getting a Head Start on Generation Z: Characteristics & Challenges

“Founders”, “Plurals”, and the “Internet Generation (iGen)”, Gen Z, with over two billion worldwide, is fast becoming the prime focus for marketers, as almost a quarter of the U.S. population is under 18 years old. But what makes them tick, and what ticks them off? How are they different from other cohorts?

Cannabis Conquests: Accelerating the 21st Century Culture Wars

Learn about the key challenges of marketing cannabis in uncertain times with a focus on sustainability, behaviour change (cognitive biases), cultural shifts, environmental threats, and unequal global cannabis. And look through the lens of three exciting research methodologies at what the current state of cannabis reveals about our culture today and tomorrow.

The Plastics of Yesterday are Forever

What findings came of last year’s “Moving Canada toward zero plastic waste” public consultations? How much plastic is too toxic and what can we as individuals and business do to prevent waste? Ana Ramos provides a deep background into the global plastic waste problem along with some recommendations and waste prevention models to consider.