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Published textbook chapter Nura Knows You Better: Redesigning Conversations With Artificial Intelligence.” Sha, M., & Gabel, T. J. (Eds.) (2020). The essential role of language in survey research. RTI Press. RTI Press Publication No. BK-0023-2004 https://doi.org/10.3768/rtipress.bk.0023.2004

The Growth Op Postmedia Group – 2

The Growth Op. Postmedia Group.  Canada– 1

The Fresh Toast. USA

Benzinga, World

Retail Insider, Canada

Media Post, USA

Yahoo!  Finance, World 

Cannabis Law Report. Australia

ESOMAR’s Research World, Europe 

Leftover City: Malton“.  Sep 2018.  Fall/Winter Issue. Femke MagazineCanada, World

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Green Book Blog, North America, World

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, Emerging Leaders Blog, Canada

The Encyclopedia, New York and Chicago, USA, Throat Press, May-Jun 2016 (eds. Bela Shayevich and Laura Perez-Harrisson)

Issue 1: Asafoetida: an etymology / etym-memoir peppered with facts and true coincidence (A journey into an elite powder) – On the origin and importance of the much travelled spice Asafoetida or “hing”
Issue 2: “Boomers” –  Lexical tango with a very determined cohort
Issue 3: “Depilation” –  Is it more than just hair removal?

MRIA Pulse. Canada: A Benchmark for Democracy and Local Governance”  Canada, Jul 2015, co-authored with Lisel Douglas, Senior Advisor – Public Opinion Research, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The Queen’s Head, Issue 4, Glasgow, U.K., December 2013

  • “Relieving Orders at Mealtimes” (poetry)
  • “The Secret Ingredient or Hey Fatboy!” (poetry) also in Midnite Snak, Issue 1, Chicago, USA,  September 2013

The PIE Weekly News, London, UK

BookMachine, London, UK

University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

The International Grad Magazine, London, UK


 Adventure on Takladweep (my debut novel), Srishti Publishers, Delhi, India, Apr 2002