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Generation1.ca taps into the overlooked talent and outlook of Canada‚Äôs newest residents — a significant and fast-growing demographic of disparate first-movers. Founded and led by a multiple-award-winning global researcher, author and immigrant herself, Generation1.ca quickly evolved since its inception in 2016, into an active platform and community that places Canada’s newcomers, legal cannabis and non-profit associations at the forefront of data and insights innovation globally through our wide-ranging knowledge-led resources across formats and channels, powered by our unique and proprietary Moments of Truth (MoT) insight-technology knowledge engine and approach.

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Privacy Vision and Mission: We protect the privacy of our diverse audiences and you to grow communities of data leadership in service of all your knowledge and information needs with trust, storytelling and insights around our core areas of expertise. We do this by promulgating privacy by design with strong safeguards in our work independently or with vendors, partners and stakeholders that follow the prevalent laws and uphold best practices in research or reporting, annonymization and aggregation where applicable and in transparent ways. We design products and services to benefit you and make your experiences better and conduct research often to improve these educational experiences while abiding with globally recognized codes of conduct. Our founder serves on diverse active boards with institutions that are also beacons of trust and ethics in global data, relying on constant innovation, active listening and collaboration to lead with impact.

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