Getting a Head Start on Generation Z: Characteristics & Challenges

“Founders”, “Plurals”, and the “Internet Generation (iGen)”, Gen Z, with over two billion worldwide, is fast becoming the prime focus for marketers, as almost a quarter of the U.S. population is under 18 years old. But what makes them tick, and what ticks them off? How are they different from other cohorts?

Cannabis Conquests: Accelerating the 21st Century Culture Wars

Learn about the key challenges of marketing cannabis in uncertain times with a focus on sustainability, behaviour change (cognitive biases), cultural shifts, environmental threats, and unequal global cannabis. And look through the lens of three exciting research methodologies at what the current state of cannabis reveals about our culture today and tomorrow.

The Plastics of Yesterday are Forever

What findings came of last year’s “Moving Canada toward zero plastic waste” public consultations? How much plastic is too toxic and what can we as individuals and business do to prevent waste? Ana Ramos provides a deep background into the global plastic waste problem along with some recommendations and waste prevention models to consider.

Hold the Phone! Are Malaysian Canadians Dialling Home?

The telecoms boom and subsequent bust in Canada impacted many Malaysian Canadians, and made others more self-aware of their role in both labour markets, influencing their cultural identities and social outlook. Sara Nabila Harris recounts her story of what it is to be Malaysian Canadian in these times.

Audio Storytelling: Earn A Steady Share of Voice in Podcasting

The steady rise of podcasting has shown similar adoption patterns across North America. This article details features and evaluation metrics that differentiate podcasting from other media, urging brands and advertisers to invest in growing their share of voice in podcasting.

Caveats in the CRM Suite: Maximize Your User Experience and Business Value  

There are many caveats to consider in adopting a CRM system from both user experience and business objectives standpoints, in this age of data abundance and AI solutions. Vivian Chak writes her perspective and advice for all those seeking to maximize their ROI and reputation.

Insta-Beauty and the Social Media Beast: Why Brands Should Project More Realities

Internet and social media use have had a long enduring impact on dipping self-esteem globally. A quarter of Canadian cosmetics consumers buy and use skin-care products most frequently, offering brands an opportunity to revaluate their social media imprint. Read about this in Stefany Jovel’s article on this trend.

In Retrospect: MRIA Ottawa’s “The Authenticity Paradox: Is the Public Losing Faith in Experts?”

Written by Arundati Dandapani, Director-at-Large, MRIA Ottawa Chapter MRIA Ottawa’s glitzy fall opener, “The Authenticity Paradox: Is the public losing faith in experts?” explored this global phenomenon with far-reaching implications…