Congratulations Analytics Wizards!

Congratulations to Team Analytics Wizards for earning the first prize in our Virtual Insights Case Competition conducted at our fall 2023 career fair, competing against five talented teams from around Canadian and North American academic institutions.

You can learn more about the competition here to tune into the group video presentations. As part of their first prize the Analytics Wizards have won a group cash prize of $500, individual T-shirts, individual ESOMAR memberships, exclusive features and invites from our career fair employers. The team is currently pursuing their graduate certificate at the Marketing Research and Analysis Program at the Algonquin College School of Business in Ottawa, Canada.

Our founder got chatting with the first prize winners to understand their dreams, motivations, insights and trends they are seeing in terms of how they foresee fulfilling their potential in the data, analytics, insights industry and in business and society at large. Read more and get to know the winners below. If you are interested in supporting next year’s career fair and case competitions, please reach out to

What are some industry trends you are seeing that puzzle or intrigue you?

Shiwei Wang: I am curious about how to harness the power of data and insights in our research findings to describe the current state of the world, and ultimately predict and prescribe a better world for many people and the next generation.

Farzaneh (Niloufar) Taheri: I have a keen interest in the private sector, especially roles associated with customers, consumers, and products or services. Furthermore, I’ve always been fascinated by the field of psychology and understanding the motives behind human behaviour and decision-making. Leveraging my educational background, which includes an MBA, my preference lies in working on “Customer Journey Analysis” and “Personalization and Customer Segmentation.” These areas resonate with my enthusiasm for exploring the intricacies of customer experiences and tailoring offerings to suit individual preferences.

Omar TO Salem: The field of market and data analysis is continually developing day by day, and as I have experience in this field as a research analyst, I can say data science is a field that is
extremely important, it is almost a new science that focuses on using AI to extract data.

Nida Khan: I find the use of AI in analyzing data, Self Service Analytics, gathering real time insights, and constant evolving tools, techniques, and methodologies quite interesting. 

Falgun Bagdai: I’m deeply interested in the growing use of AI mechanisms and robotics within research analytics. The amalgamation of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and
robotics is reshaping the landscape of data analysis and research processes. I’m puzzled by
the innovative ways these technologies are being employed to automate data collection,
improve analysis, and enhance predictive capabilities. This transformation has the potential
to revolutionize research methodologies, offering both promising opportunities and
intriguing challenges that I’m eager to delve into.

What is your dream role and what in your opinion does it take to be a respected data and insights professional today?

Omar TO Salem: Depends on what position I can get after graduation. If I work in a
research agency, it will be a very good opportunity, and I’m open to working in the
marketing department of companies and in government as well. However, the common
thing between all the positions I seek is that I leave a positive contribution in this field.

Falgun Bagdai: My dream role is to be a Marketing Research Analyst. Proficiency in data analysis tools and statistical methods remains vital, but adaptability to remote work and digital research methodologies is now equally important. Effective communication skills are crucial for
translating complex data into actionable insights, and staying updated with emerging
technologies and trends in data collection and analysis is imperative.

Shiwei Wang: My dream role is to be a researcher in pursuit of gaining a better understanding, not only through quantitative statistical data but also qualitative insights, of the world and the society around us. It is always important for us to maintain a curious and open mind to inquire about phenomena, dig beneath the surface to uncover possible causes, and seek solutions to create meaningful influence.

Nida Khan: I’m currently in the process of exploring my dream role, and while I’m still gathering knowledge and experience, I’ve developed a strong interest in consumer behaviour studies, product development and testing and analyzing data and presenting them in visually interesting graphs and charts. I see myself as someone who excels in conveying insights through compelling reports and presentations, using visuals to make the data more lively and impactful for both clients and colleagues. I strongly believe that creativity is key in transforming boring-looking data into interesting to look at and engage with actionable insights that drive meaningful decisions.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, adaptability and resilience are crucial. The post-pandemic era has seen a significant shift towards automation and AI adoption, emphasizing the importance of having technical proficiency. This knowledge is instrumental in facilitating data-driven decision-making across various industries. By staying attuned to emerging trends and technologies, I aim to be a valuable asset in providing actionable insights that drive business success.

What was your favourite advice or insight you gained at our recently concluded Virtual Insights Career Fair on September 29?

Farzaneh Taheri:’s case competition and job fair provided us with a valuable opportunity to evaluate our understanding and analytical skills and become acquainted with industry best practices and employers.

Shiwei Wang: At the Career Fair, I learned that we can bring about meaningful societal impact and help society become a better place for everyone by using research findings and data. From a research perspective, we need to maintain a holistic view and be data literate to interpret what is happening in the world.

Falgun Bagdai: My favourite advice learned from’s Career Fair was the importance of networking and building a personal brand because it emphasized the power of making connections, both online and in person and showcasing your expertise. This insight has been reinforced by other experiences, and I’ve learned that building a strong professional network can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Nida Khan: After listening to and chatting with top industry experts, I gained a better appreciation for the significance of creativity and simplicity in the field of data analysis. I also learned a crucial lesson about communication – it’s vital to consider the perspective of your audience, especially when sharing insights with clients. Making reports and presentations that are both easy to understand and visually appealing is essential.

Omar TO Salem: The most important takeaway from the job fair was in preparing us students for the marketplace and trying to make us more familiar with it. This may seem like a general insight, but I see it as the most critical one.

What does winning the first spot in the Fall 2023 North American Virtual Insights Case Competition mean to you?

Falgun Bagdai: Winning the first spot in the Fall 2023 North American Virtual Insights Case Competition is a tremendous achievement. I never imagined being a part of this
competition, but as a team, we coordinated and won against many. It means recognition of
our hard work, problem-solving skills, and ability to apply our analytics knowledge in real-
world scenarios.

Shiwei Wang: In this competition, we have learnt that, as researchers, we should not just focus on the information at hand but also consider what might be missing in the bigger picture and how we can fill in the puzzle by research methods to provide a solid foundation for future decisions. Additionally, as a team, we don’t need to be well-rounded in every aspect. Instead, we can focus on the fields we excel in and, by combining our efforts in teamwork, achieve valuable results.

Farzaneh Tehari: I believe having this valuable experience on my resume is incredibly beneficial. Furthermore, I view it as a promising start in this field of work, and I aspire to progress, learn more, and strive to make a strong impression in the industry.

Nida Khan: I was overjoyed to emerge as the winner of the competition. Receiving the first prize from esteemed industry experts served as a tremendous source of encouragement and motivation, fuelling my determination to continue learning and striving for even greater achievements.

Omar TO Salem: The first day I heard about the competition, I decided to participate, and I was confident that our group would win. Individually, winning in this competition provides me with a
competitive advantage in the marketplace, not just after graduation, but even from now.

As Analytics Wizards, what magic are each of you crafting or hoping for in the world?

Nida Khan: I hope to increase my knowledge, expertise, and creativity so that I can bring about positive change for businesses.

Farzaneh Tehari: My hope is to achieve a profound comprehension of data, master the art of interpretation, and use these skills to discover solutions to challenges in the market research and marketing domains.

Falgun Bagdai: The magic of the ability to unlock the potential within data. We aspire to craft solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and create positive societal impact.

Shiwei Wang: Through the magic of research and analysis, I would like to bring meaningful societal impacts to create a place with mutual understanding. 

Omar TO Salem: For me, and far from the research and data, living in peace where there are no wars, no unfairness, and no discrimination. Yes, these things need magic to be achieved.

Congratulations again Team Analytics Wizards!

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