Congratulations to our Virtual Insights Case Competition Winners!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Generation Virtual Insights Case Competition, held on September 29, 2023. It was a day of fierce competition, innovative ideas, and passionate teams. After careful deliberation, our esteemed jury comprising industry employers led by a panel of Samir Abu Rumman (World of Opinions and Princeton University), Kathy Schmitt (SA Market Insights), Hamza Baila (SC) and Patrick Johnston (Vista Research) at the helm, have reached a decision.

Here are the winners:

First Prize: With their outstanding analytical prowess and creativity, Team Analytics Wizards have captured the top spot. They impressed our judges with their in-depth insights, data-driven solutions, and ingenious problem-solving skills. By aligning themselves closely with the competition’s objectives, Team Analytics Wizards demonstrated their ability to not just understand complex problems but also devise practical and impactful solutions using appropriate methodologies. Their mastery of qualitative and quantitative methods was what set them apart as the undeniable winners of the Generation Virtual Insights Case Competition 2023.

Team Lead: Shiwei Wang; Members:  Farzaneh Taheri, Nida Khan, Omar T O Salem, Falgun Bagdai, Shiwei Wang

Second Prize: Taking on the critical social problem of AI in the education sector, Team Insights Architect has secured the second place. Their comprehensive strategy, combined with a deep understanding of the nuances of the education sector and AI curiosity, demonstrates that technology, when wielded with compassion and purpose, can be a powerful force for good.

Team Lead – Shannan Peck; Members – Niloofar Nalchigar, Vishal Singh Thakur, Shannan Peck

Third Prize: In the third spot, we have an audience choice live poll vote that went out unanimously to Team Triple Visionaries for their exceptional problem-solving skills. Their use of data, coupled with innovative thinking, allowed them to derive actionable insights and formulate clear strategic solutions.

Team Lead – Kangan Sharma; Members – Guncha Paliwal, Flora (Fan) Jiang, Kangan Sharma

“Many heartfelt congratulations to three incredible winning teams! Their hard work, creativity, and dedication have not only impressed the jury and audience, but also exemplified the spirit of social and business innovation, problem-scoping and data literacy that Generation advances among newcomers to North America. Shoutout as well to all five of our participating teams who were clearly inspired by the challenge, as they demonstrated resilience and commitment to creating a positive impact on society.”

Arundati Dandapani, Founder,

Thank you to our esteemed judges and the audience for their time, expertise, and discerning evaluation, as well as competition sponsors ESOMAR and Insights Association Canada Chapter, industry sponsors and academic partners, and all those who supported and participated in our landmark virtual insights career fair.

Congratulations Team Analytics Wizards, Team Insight Architects, and Team Triple Visionaries! Your triumphs are a testament to your outstanding capabilities, and we can’t wait to see the positive changes your ideas will bring to our industry community and world. The winners will be amplified and rewarded in the coming days with more opportunities and recognition.

You can watch the full recording of the virtual insights career fair case competition including the morning’s panel here.

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