Congratulations Insight Architects!

Congratulations to Team Insight Architects for earning the second prize in our Virtual Insights Case Competition conducted at our fall 2023 career fair, competing against five talented teams from around Canadian and North American academic institutions.

You can learn more about the competition here to tune into the group video presentations. As part of their second prize the Insight Architects have won a group cash prize of $225, exclusive features and invites from our career fair employers. The team is currently pursuing their graduate certificate at the Business Analytics and Decision-Making at the George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.

Our founder got chatting with the second prize winners to understand their dreams, motivations, insights and trends they are seeing in terms of how they foresee fulfilling their potential in the data, analytics, insights industry and in business and society at large. Read more and get to know these winners below. If you are interested in supporting next year’s career fair and case competitions, please reach out to

Shannan Peck: I think one that puzzles me the most about the industry is the lack of regulated ethics boards. As a graduate from both psychology and urban planning courses I was required to learn the rules for future practice. As we reach into the future with Artificial Intelligence, we come across interesting dilemmas. Can human creators such as authors, musicians and artists protect their craft from being neutralized by machine learning that often uses their materials? Will it be through legislation, unions or subversion? Will people be able to figure out how to sabotage machine learning, like how t-shirt bot algorithms were used to take copyrighted material in hopes that the bot creators would be sued? It’s an interesting future, and like many fields that rely on evidence, there will be lessons learned – but will we ever codify them?

Vishal Singh Thakur: As someone who has learned data analysis and pursued AI studies, I’m quite curious about the growing role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in data analytics. With the increasing availability of big data, I’m interested in understanding how these technologies can be harnessed for more powerful insights. Additionally, the ethical considerations and responsible use of data and AI are topics that puzzle me, and I believe they will become more critical in the post-pandemic world.

Niloofar Nalchigar: As a junior data scientist, Predictive Analysis for Unstructured data is the area that I am most curious about and would love to learn more about it. 

What is your dream role and what in your opinion does it take to be a respected data and insights professional today?

Vishal Singh Thakur: My dream role is to work as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst in a dynamic organization. From my observations and course learnings, I’ve realized that post-pandemic, data and insights professionals need to be highly adaptable. The ability to work remotely, collaborate virtually, and make data-driven decisions in fast-paced, uncertain environments is crucial. Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest tools and techniques in AI and data analysis are essential.

Niloofar Nalchigar: My dream role is a to be a Data Scientist at Google. As far as I understood, while technical skills play a key role to getting hired, being able to communicate the results and insights extracted from the big data as a form of smooth story is more important. In other words, storytelling skills in a clear and concise way are crucial. 

Shannan Peck: My dream role would be to work as a consultant – whether in an NGO, government or even a think tank. Specifically, I would like to work with and for my neurodiverse
community and making the world accessible to people like us. This has been highlighted by the pandemic because there was a time where there were increased opportunities for young neurodiverse folk as things became virtual – while being a double-edged sword.

What was your favourite advice or insight you gained at our recently concluded Virtual Insights Career Fair on September 29?

Niloofar Nalchigar:  I can say being prepared to get most from this type of opportunity is so important. Having an elevator pitch, updated resume, knowing about the companies and their roles to be prepared and ask wise questions from recruiters are so useful to utilize the time and opportunity. For me, building a network with seniors and current employees is invaluable and boosts my confidence to go on through my job seeking journey. 

Shannan Peck: There is something special about having a skill recognized. For me, in a conversation with an employer, I was told that one of my skills of being able to do social media
analysis was quite valuable – on par with working with AI in some regards. The job
market has never been particularly easy for neurodiverse people, so hearing something
I had was recognized as important helped me feel more positive about my future.

Vishal Singh Thakur: The Career Fair on September 29 provided me with invaluable advice on the importance of networking and building relationships in the industry. It emphasized that often, opportunities arise from connections made, and this insight has driven me to actively engage with professionals in the field.

What does winning the second spot in the Fall 2023 North American Virtual Insights Case Competition mean to you?

Vishal Singh Thakur: Achieving the second spot in the Fall 2023 North American Virtual Insights Case Competition is a regional accomplishment that motivates me to aim higher.

Shannan Peck: As a first-time case-competitor, this was incredibly exciting. I have done one project similar, but it was in a much smaller setting. I didn’t know if I would be capable of doing a project as there’s quite a bit of confidence going up to a fellow student or colleague and going ‘hey, do you want to do more work?’ So the fact that teams were partially assigned was amazing and it gave me a chance to participate. The fact that my first showing went well is definitely a boost to the ego (but I won’t let it get too into my head.)

Niloofar Nalchigar: Winning second spot at’s case competition meant a lot to me. I feel that I am in right path, and I was able to deliver an understandable message. These days, I am working on my communication skills and storytelling, and getting this spot improves my confidence to continue this work. It was also a great opportunity to share this achievement with my network and make them aware about my journey.

As Insight Architects, what magic are each of you crafting or hoping for in the world?

Niloofar Nalchigar: I am looking forward to collaborating more with my amazing team members, maybe in the next events. It was great to meet them and know them through’s event and I am happy for that.

Shannan Peck: Honestly, the future. But otherwise, let’s see where things take us.

Vishal Singh Thakur: As Insight Architects, we’re focused on using advanced analytics and AI to solve real-world problems and provide actionable insights. Continuous learning and staying at the forefront of technology are priorities.

Congratulations again Team Insight Architects!

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