Influence and Attract Top Talent in these Career Enhancing Workshops

By Bao Nhi Phan

The insights industry is a dynamic and growing field that offers exciting opportunities for those seeking fulfilling careers. As businesses continue to depend on data to make informed decisions, insights professionals are playing an increasingly significant role in providing valuable insights and helping companies stay competitive.

The future of the data and analytics industry promises continued growth and innovation, driven by advances in technology and the increasing availability of data. Insights professionals are at the forefront of this evolution. They can apply the latest tools and techniques to deliver actionable insights to clients and drive business growth. 

“Providing today’s workers with the right combination of learning, training, and relevant, on-the-job experience allows organizations to build the talent they require to capitalize on emerging opportunities and make their business future-ready.”

The Upskilling imperative: Building a future-ready Workforce for the AI age. A Deloitte Study 2023

If you are looking to learn about the top skills for data and insights professionals of the future, join the North American Virtual Insights Career Fair on April 28 where the theme is Beating the Data Deluge: Success in a Changing Industry. Hear from diverse organizations and also understand the North American results of the Global Industry Skills Study. Whether you are hiring or looking for a professional career or to network for business development, our North American Virtual Insights Career Fair offers you endless possibilities for growth and enduring success. See the call for private sector employers here.

“Seventy-five percent of employees are more likely to stay with an organization if they are given the opportunities to network and upskill.”

LinkedIn Learning Workplace Report 2023

In addition to opportunities to interview 1-1 with North America’s leading employers, our Virtual Career Fair will also offer compelling workshop lounges for anyone looking to share or gain valuable skills and knowledge from industry experts and peers and to apply these learnings to their career pursuits. 

Take a sneak peek at these exciting lounges and encourage your organization to support these educational sessions:

  1. Inclusive Futures Lounge: Hear from experts driving inclusion in the workplace about how to leverage diverse networks and resources for lifelong career success.
  2. UX Lounge: Discover the less talked about UX world to hone and own your niche in an evolving discipline.
  3. CPG Insights Lounge: Indulge in the future of small and great brands in the fast-evolving CPG insights space with a special thrust on sustainability, working with big data and point-of-sale data, story-building, and more.
  4. Career Connections Lounge: Forge incredible career connections and hear from leaders who will share candid and practical tips in networking, elevator pitches, collaborating and building win-win relationships.
  5. Association Lounge: Explore trends and opportunities in global data, insights, marketing research, business and social innovation with industry associations, member resources, conferences, competitions, awards, certifications, and more.
  6. Brand Builders’ Lounge: This lounge will feature leading experts from the “insights trenches” who offer practical advice on self-development including creating effective CVs and compelling cover letters, making impactful presentations, strategic communications, workplace negotiations, gaining influence, and tips for brand-builders.
  7. International Business Lounge: Find all your favourite data and insights stories from markets outside North America with leaders you know and trust and all those you have read about or interacted with at global industry gatherings. It’s never too late to build your global research skills or networks by understanding the unique challenges and opportunities outside North America. A great lounge to sponsor if you operate global businesses and conduct multi-market studies.

Bao Nhi Phan is a Humber College Research Analyst Program graduate and is pursuing her internship placement as part of the Virtual Insights Career Fair Team.

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