Calling Private Sector Employers to Participate in the 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair!

We can’t wait to welcome you as private sector industry employers spanning the data, analytics, insights and innovation functions across North America. On Friday, April 28, between 10 am – 4 pm ET, our career fair will kick off to the theme of “Beating the Data Deluge: Success in a Changing Industry”.

For a diverse North American sector where growth is driven by technology-enabled avenues, and where the US is at the centre of tech advancement and innovations, and Canada offers the backbone of stable economic climate and ease of doing business, dominated by small businesses, there is a range of talent that can be leveraged through the career fair. Our platform that offers you a diverse talent base with a leading edge global perspective, high resilience, strong work ethics, multi-lingual and bi-lingual levels of proficiency, strong business knowledge, technical skills and acumen, international business context, relational intelligence and strong promise hailing from reputed programs across North America. The results of the North American wave of the Global Industry Skills Study (2022-23) will also be released at this event to set the tone for top skills for success in the industry! 

About the career fair: A career event that features keynote leaders on career-related topics, followed by North American employers interviewing with pre-selected candidates, and concurrent workshops on skills and training specific to success in the industry. This event will provide access to numerous opportunities that improve the career outcomes of every attendee. This career fair is aimed at improving access to opportunities, training and up-skilling, while connecting data and insights job seekers, employers and other career resources in Canada and USA. Interviews with shortlisted employees will be fixed in advance of the event.

Discounts and Waivers: If you are facing barriers but would still like to participate as an employer, please contact Owing to our gratitude for the generosity of existing sponsors, we are now more than happy to welcome you to support talent in ways that accommodate your needs or special requests to enable access to more employers for our job seekers.

Supported by: Academic institutions, associations and public sector and private sector employers and organizations and a team of four fabulous graduates from Humber College whom we are proud to support with this placement opportunity.

As a private sector business, you have the opportunity to leverage benefits depending on the tier of employer registration you choose to grow your brand’s visibility alongside leaders in the trade. Find the right option for your business needs below.

Career Basics Registration

Career Basics Registration for your Private Sector Business An exclusive interview booth to interview your pre-selected candidates 1-1.


Career Pro Registration

Career Pro Registration for Your Private Sector Business Two exclusive interview booths to interview your preselected candidates 1-1


Career Leader Registration for Your Private Sector Business

Everything that Career Pros have access to + Present a keynote, OR a slot in a Workshop Booth (where you teach a few skills in our professional development workshop sessions) Interview clips in our media Mentions in our key outlets, social media and newsletter


Career Champion Registration for Your Private Sector Business

Everything that Career Leaders have access to + Additional signage displays, branded prize giveaways, and polls Access to opted in attendees


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