Meet Nhi, Nicholas, Fathima and Smita!

We are excited to welcome’s newest team members who will support the success of our signature North American Virtual Insights Career Fair this year. Four bright and motivated Humber College RAP (Research Analyst Program) graduating members have accepted our offer of an internship placement for our career fair on April 28th. Their participation will ensure another seamless and memorable industry event, where the results of the North American wave of our global industry skills study will also be unveiled.

Welcome to Bao Nhi Phan, Nicholas James, Fathima Zikker and Smita Dhuri, who are all new to Canada, and are looking forward to applying their international skills and cross-functional expertise towards the execution of this successful career event for their peers and all those looking for better opportunities in data and insights this year.

This year’s career fair’s theme is “Beating the Data Deluge : Success in a Changing Industry” and our participants will all engage in themes that reflect on the pace of change, tools, resources, and opportunities ahead to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunities to connect, showcase, hire or learn on April 28, Friday between 10 am and 4 pm EST. Hear more from the team below.

For the 2023 staging of the Virtual Insights Career Fair, I wish to use my passion for helping others to realize their full potential and point industry leaders to a highly skilled pool of employees. Having an understanding of the vast potential for growth here in North America, it is important that we not only help employers fill vacant roles but by using data-driven insights, get them the most fitting candidates for various roles.

Nicholas James, 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair Team

In 2022, 20% of market research organizations globally cited lack of skills and training as a reason for their research being held back. Through this year’s North American Virtual Insights Career Fair, I intend to help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors by facilitating recruitment with access to a large pool of talented and skilled job-seekers.

Fathima Zikker, 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair Team

The problem of limited access to high quality talent and difficulty in retaining top researchers can be solved at this career fair on April 28. You will also learn all about cutting edge techniques and technologies that allow businesses and researchers to stay ahead of the curve to produce more innovative and impactful results. The goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research processes with the right talent.

Smita Dhure, 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair Team

I aspire to make a positive impact in the community through data-driven insights and sustainable innovation. I want to help businesses in the insights industry navigate these complex and ever-changing worlds of data and new technologies to provide the best services for their clients and customers.

Bao Nhi Phan, 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair Team

I am super-thrilled and thankful for our team and all our supporting partners in bringing you the best career event of the year! Join us. Whether you are an industry employer, educational or other organization or a job seeker, there is tremendous opportunity to leverage on April 28!

Arundati Dandapani, Founder,

Learn More and Participate in the North American Virtual Insights Career Fair.

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