East Asia Wave is Live

East Asia is home to some of the top-performing high-growth double digit economies, and boasts of a heterogeneity that makes ESOMAR’s Global Market Research Report club some of these regions together under the Asia-Pacific region, to even out some of the disparities. We decided to club East Asian economies for the same reason as we clubbed the South Asian economies together – shared elements of history, cultures, global trade, challenges and opportunities. Some of these countries are still coming out of the pandemic’s negative impact, even as most have returned to pre-pandemic levels of turnover.

China’s impact on the global industry map was also marked by its strides in privacy including the 2017 Cybersecurity Law, the 2021 Data Security Law and the 2021 Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and its adoption of comprehensive privacy law. These laws had critical implications for cross-border data transfers. Moreover, given the proportion of multinational companies operating in the region, the levels of compliance across businesses dealing in data will rely on prudence and with businesses hiring for the right expertise in data protection.

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