Global Industry Skills Study – Latin America

Latin America is a comprehensive grouping of South America, Central America, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean including Spanish America plus Portuguese America (Brazil). The Latin American wave of the Global Industry Skills Study aims to understand the Latin American perspective on skills for success in this diverse region and marketplace. There are options to answer the survey in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Known for its diverse culture and economies, the region has a growing middle class and large youth population.

The region faces its share of economic challenges and inequities including access to training and opportunities which can limit the ability of candidates to acquire certain skills needed for success. While ESOMAR’s Global Market Research Report points to a “nuanced yet positive growth” for Latin America’s research industry in the past year, sources from the field reveal the uneasiness and despair looming in regions where post-pandemic inflation, unabated poverty, social and political turbulence and uncertainty, create a parallel anxiety despite the high-growth rates displayed in regions like Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Chile, with others far behind. LATAM countries experiencing high GDP growth rates in recent years have also displayed openness to international trade and investment, opening new opportunities to professionals looking for work experience in multinational or global companies.

With the rise of digitization, how strong is the demand for professionals skilled in data science, analytics and digital technologies in LATAM markets? What does the future hold for our brothers and sisters in Latin America looking to maximize their curricula, training and skillsets and leverage high success? Help us out with your expert opinion on the top skills for success in Latin America’s data, analytics and insights industry today.

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