Global Industry Skills Study – Africa

Access the 5-minute skills survey of the Africa wave for the Global Industry Skills Study here!

While the Middle East and Africa represented a sizeable 4% of the global insights industry’s annual turnover, according to the ESOMAR’s Global Market Research Report valued at US$ 4.2 million, inflation threw them back, as they displayed negative growth rates of -3.8%.

Africa has not been able to recover to pre-pandemic levels of growth with the exception of Egypt that did outpace its 2019 industrial output. Reporting drove revenues in the sector (over $160 million) in this region, shifting high value to business intelligence, advisory and consulting functions versus the traditional data gathering functions. The tech-enabled industry also showed several signs of promise even as all that growth was flattened out by inflation.

Data protection laws in Africa are broadly covered by the Convention of the African Union (AU) on Cybersecurity and Personal Data (2014) (Convention), accelerated by the growing need for countries to unite in the digitally-powered economies and protect from the risks that arise from tech-enabled investment and research.

How do we succeed in the data, analytics and insights business in Africa? What skills will see us future-proof our African nations’ talent? What specific training or educational needs must be met to embrace these new opportunities in business intelligence, insights technologies, and reporting? If you are a data, analytics, and insights industry employer with your HQ or base anywhere in Africa, please fill out this 5-minute skill survey and help your colleagues and educators succeed.

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