Global Industry Skills Study – Europe

Access the 5-minute skills survey of the Europe wave of the Global Industry Skills Study here.

The Europe wave of the Global Industry Skills Study is now available for industry employers’ responses in English, French or Spanish. Home to a diverse range of developing and developed markets, with wide ranging histories and geopolitics, Europe is among the top two regions that saw their annual insights turnover return to pre-pandemic levels according to ESOMAR’s Global Market Research Report with 60% of European nations showing absolute double-digit growth rates. UK is the largest market in Europe by high margins, and displayed strong growth rates, ranking only fourth after Ireland, Italy and Netherlands. Europe owns the second largest market share of annual global insights turnover (25%), following USA (53%).

Since 2022, countries in Europe are all expected to have exceeded pre-pandemic levels of growth and output with the exception of countries like Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine. The public’s expectations are that Ukrainians will soon see light at the end of a devastating war, and their vision drives a continued resilience.

As technology-enabled research continues to shape and drive a big part of the industry landscape and business dynamics in Europe, the EU Global Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) remains the overridin / default privacy regulation across Europe, even as non-EU regions like the UK fine tune their local and national regulations (UK GDPR, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations PECR, and Data Protection Act DPA 2018). Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to be fully operationalized (versus just being piloted) in three-quarters of all enterprises by the end of 2024, and AI-enabled data has been instrumental in tracking COVID-recovery measures. With this context, the EU’s approach to artificial intelligence promises to be centred on “excellence and trust” in maintaining safety and adherence to fundamental rights.

What implications do the business dynamics of Europe have for providers of insights training and education? How can professionals prepare for success in the data analytics and insights industry in a rather diverse Europe? What opportunities should they leverage? If you are a Europe-based insights industry employer, please help your colleagues and educators by sharing your expert opinion on skills needed and labour market trends and opportunities.

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