Leading by Association

Embark on a deep and insightful conversation with our founder Arundati Dandapani and Dan Foreman, Chair Of The Board Of Directors at Zappi, NED at LatanaBakamo.Social,  VeylinxMindProber, as they delve into the realm of associations, leadership, and the rapidly evolving insights and data industry.

Dan Foreman, a seasoned professional with a remarkable career in emerging technologies and developing markets, has been involved in various start-ups and philanthropic initiatives including the ESOMAR Foundation. Dan’s exceptional background includes serving as the former President of ESOMAR, a position he held as a young leader, demonstrating his innovative and forward-thinking approach. He’s the founder of TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells and has received prestigious awards, such as the AMA “4 under 40” accolade, the Disruptive Innovator MR Change Agent of the Year, the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage in 2017 and the penultimate Insight250, of which our founder Arundati Dandapani has been on the global jury for successive years.

In this episode of Leading by Association, Arundati and Dan explore the significance of international collaboration, the intricacies of Dan’s investment philosophy, and provide valuable insights into how leaders should prepare for an uncertain future, encouraging leaders to engage in future-oriented thinking. Dan provides a unique vantage point to discuss the significance of global cooperation. His insights underscore the idea that, in our interconnected world, collaboration transcends borders and boundaries. Through this international synergy, companies can leverage diverse perspectives and share innovative ideas, ultimately fostering a thriving global economy. As a conscientious investor, he believes in evaluating potential investments not only in terms of financial gains but also with a keen eye on their potential to bring positive change to the world. Furthermore, the episode takes on an added layer of relevance post-pandemic, as both Arundati and Dan acknowledge the crucial role of scenario planning in today’s business landscape. Tune into the video episode below.

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