Closing Sessions at our Virtual Insights Career Fair 2023

We were fortunate to end our virtual insights career fair on a high note with deep thoughts and discussions around the journeys traversed so far and those yet to be overcome for Generation1 movers and arrivers. Our Closing Keynote Career Leader Nigel Branker, CEO of Securian Canada, offered his valuable remarks on How to find a Sponsor in Canada and in Life. We had featured Nigel a previous interview in our Leading by Association segment some months ago, and it was a treat to have him join us again, this time as a key sponsor of our career fair.

We followed this up with a session on Navigating the Workforce as Racialized Immigrants. The objective of our last panel was to discuss the roadblocks encountered by our peers in our journeys as leaders and also dissect useful frameworks, examples and points of action to elevate those struggling with identity wars in homogenous, toxic or pre-conditioned business environments and workplaces that can seem to inhibit trust and belonging. Videos will be uploaded here.

Watch the replay of this closing panel here:

Additionally, Stella Igweamaka who has blogged for us before but couldn’t join the live audio, offered her valuable pointers in writing about steps that both organizations and newcomers can take towards a better integration journey as follows:

Organizations can take steps to create more inclusive workplaces by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives:

• This can include offering language training programs, providing mentorship opportunities, creating affinity groups or employee resource groups, and implementing anti-racism and anti-discrimination policies.

Newcomers can take the following steps to set themselves up for success:

Connect with your community: It can be helpful to connect with other people who share similar experiences and backgrounds. This can include attending cultural events, joining local community groups, or connecting with online communities.

Advocate for yourself: Talk about your wins and the things you do. Share your journey and achievements because no one will do that for you. It is important to advocate for oneself as you integrate in the workforce.”

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