Humanizing the Data with Big Picture Thinking

In beating the “data deluge” one must account for and understand human limitations with data that can only happen with a better understanding of the human brain and how it works with behavioural science tools. Andrés Casas based in Bogota, Colombia, our morning keynote at the Virtual Insights Career Fair 2023, was broadcast into the International Business Lounge virtually and we heard his views about the evolution of decision science, sociology and geopolitics and how all this translated to thriving in a creators’ economy with humans and technologies at loggerheads or complementarily solving some of the world’s stickiest problems, conflicts in war zones or in regions where political instability, poverty, economic inequality, soaring crimes and drug cartels, limited access to health and education are all the norm. His remarks further highlighted the importance of the insight that no problem is regional or local alone, in a world drowning in data and starving on comprehension. Overall, he talked about managing constant change and uncertainty for those in various stages of the profession and discipline, and offered fresh perspective to help our career fair’s attendees and communities better navigate their ever-changing crossroads.

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