Calling Non-Profit Associations and Non-Employer Institutions to Exhibit at the 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair

On April 28, 2023, between 10 am and 4 pm ET, we are pleased to invite your non-profit association or other non-employer non-profit to share some of your offerings, opportunities, and career-advancing services at the 2023 North American Virtual Insights Career Fair.

Our platform places Canada’s immigrant newcomers, legal cannabis and non-profit associations at the forefront of data and insights innovation globally, and we do so especially by nurturing the talent and skills of disparate new arrivals to Canada through unique opportunities like our North American virtual insights career fair. We look forward to welcoming you in our midst with leading practitioners and globally skilled, deeply knowledgeable talent with high work ethics from reputed programs across North America and more.

Benefits for industry associations and non-profit organizations:

Grow your brand’s exposure to the insights industry’s top and emerging talent and employers across North America

Have your sponsored-booth dedicated to networking and member success

Showcase some of your leaders’ skills, insights, data and stories to inspire learning

Promote pathways to certification, courses, competitions, conferences, accreditation / or other types of opportunities

Non-Profit Organization

You are a non-profit organization in Canada or USA.


About the career fair: A career event that features keynote leaders on career-related topics, followed by North American employers interviewing with pre-selected candidates, and concurrent workshops on skills and training specific to success in the industry. This event will provide access to numerous opportunities that improve the career outcomes of every attendee. This career fair is aimed at improving access to opportunities, training and up-skilling, while connecting data and insights job seekers, employers and other career resources in Canada and USA. Interviews with shortlisted employees will be fixed in advance of the event.

Supported by: Academic institutions, associations and public sector and private sector employers and organizations and a team of four fabulous graduates from Humber College whom we are proud to support with this placement opportunity.

Who will attend: Expected attendance between roughly 400+ job seekers across experience levels from USA and Canada. The event will promote employment, awards, scholarships, pathways to success, accreditation, certifications, and all the different opportunities to improve career outcomes for data professionals.

More questions about your participation in the career fair? Reach out to

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