Career Seekers: Come Network, Learn and Get Hired at the 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair!

If you are looking for a job in the business insights, marketing management, data analytics or data-led industries, are innovative, hardworking, and looking for your next opportunity, the North American Virtual Insights Career Fair is for you and it’s free thanks to the support of our partner organizations like academic institutions, industry employers and sponsors.

The North American Virtual Insights Career Fair is happening on Friday, April 28, 2023 between 10 am and 4 pm ET and if you are a jobseeker you can sign up by filling out the form below.

There will be exciting keynotes and workshops, career opportunities, training and up-skilling in the global research, data, analytics and insights industry, while connecting job seekers and employers to one another. We are supported by the research, business, and marketing management programs at various North American colleges and universities, data analytics and insights associations and other industry organizations. The results of the North American wave of the Global Industry Skills Study (2022-23) will also be released at this event!

About the career fair: A career event that features keynote leaders on career-related topics, followed by North American employers interviewing with pre-selected candidates, and concurrent workshops on skills and training specific to success in the industry. This event will provide access to numerous opportunities that improve the career outcomes of every attendee. Interviews with shortlisted employees will be fixed in advance of the event.

Supported by: Academic institutions, associations and public sector and private sector employers and organizations and a team of four fabulous graduates from Humber College whom we are proud to support with this placement opportunity.

Read about how such an opportunity made a difference to a former job-seeker’s prospects in the quote below, and then sign up to register for this much-anticipated career event!

Career fairs can be a very good opportunity to connect with prospective employers in one place, and chat with them through various platforms. Being part of a career fair is an excellent way to learn more about the industry and discover new information about the tools and technologies different organizations use, methodologies they employ, most recent trends, and top qualifications most sought after by employers in this sector. Even if one is not actively looking for a job, networking is very helpful, especially for international students like me. Being new to Canada, I didn’t know a lot of people here, so within a couple of days of landing, when I saw this opportunity, I registered myself for the job fair without wasting a second. On the day of the event, I met so many incredible employers and got on-the-spot 1-on-1 interviews with them. I had just started my program at my university, but I already had a potential job offer in my hand for when I graduated later that year. I got hired by that company as soon as I finished my studies, and I have Arundati to thank for that. Had it not been for the career fair she organized, I would have spent so much time searching for a job after graduation. It is very important to recognize such opportunities and to make the most of them because meeting so many different employers face-to-face is very effective when you are looking to make professional connections to grow your career.

Shipra, Full-time Employed Insights Professional, Toronto

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