Employer Survey to help Education Providers, Data Professionals

As job seekers and education providers debate and speculate about what a recession might be and how soon it might be coming, thought leaders and practitioners have also offered practical and empirical views on the short-term and long-term skills needed for success in the data, analytics and insights industry over time.

As we come out of a pandemic, we know that the Bank of Canada’s Governor believes that inflation is under control, and that we need more immigrants than ever to balance out the negative impact of not meeting our targets to fill labour shortages and talent needs in the COVID years. According to ESOMAR’s Global Market Research Report the global industry grew 15% between 2021 and 2022. In the US, the centre of tech-enabled industry, the research outlook is strong with trade organizations like Insights Association also mirroring these high levels of global growth in the past year.

What comes after the pandemic? The Great Resignation? Quiet Quitting? Better opportunities? Surging needs for education? Better learning experiences? Desire for up-skilled and diverse talent? Demand for access to top-rated resources is soaring, and the quest for ongoing education and training is not just anecdotal.

Education providers, industry professionals and job seekers want to know and demonstrate the skills and abilities that will help them succeed in their hiring organizations and across data and insights functions today. Those new to the industry including the “next generation” of professionals, and even others with more seniority, experience levels and maturity, need to know what skills they must have, learn or finesse to succeed in times of uncertainty and unrelenting change.

The research objective thus has been to understand in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing industry environment, what skills will position our industry’s professionals for success across all levels and job functions in organizations around the world that conduct or rely on research / data / insights / analytics? The survey includes questions on top skills, values, behaviours, common and uncommon (overrated and underrated) skills, types of training that exists or is valued in current organizations, preferred trends, credentials and other useful insights for educators and job seekers.

Powered by the opportunity in constant re-education in this $119 billion industry with highest rates of growth in the tech-enabled sector that is moderated by inflation in North America, we launched the North American wave of the annual global industry skills survey (GISS) supported by key industry partners to create a handy resource for all levels of the data, insights, and analytics industry and for labour market participants to advance in their careers in current and future roles, in their current or desired future organizations.

The full global study will be updated each year across major regions. The study will also map out a reality versus desired situation. Using a mixed methodology research design of quantitative survey research and qualitative online video, we are better equipped to understand the diverse needs of today’s employers across organizations with projections on the future of talent and education needs across major regions. The results of both phases of the North American study will also be released at the North American Virtual Insights Career Fair on April 28, 2023.

Help your peers and colleagues beat the economic slowdown by taking this 5-minute survey.

This survey is in field till January 31, 2023.

Please click on the link here to access the 5-minute survey.

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