Marketing Vis-à-Vis Insights

John Wiltshire, President and CEO of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) chats in to discuss the relationship between marketing and insights on an early December morning.

The relationship between marketing and insights is an ongoing dynamic leaders and executives grapple with across both (multiple) sectors. We sat down with John Wiltshire to take his perspective before the year ends on his thoughts about marketing through the pandemic in a multicultural society / planet, and what he hopes to see in the future of marketing with relationship to insights in this excerpt from a conversation.

Storytelling has to be respectful (of multiple realities), given we live in one of the most diverse countries on the planet, yet at the same time it must be provocative… Marketing makes us kinder, more welcoming of others and newcomers – it helps people’s lives in so many different ways…”

John WIltshire – Marketing Vis-A-Viz Insights, December 08, 2022

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