Nosedive into the Digital Winds of Higher Ed

Several months into the pandemic, one of our bloggers shared the state of online classrooms in K-12. Return to school has been a contentious issue in Canada across the provinces, through the pandemic. Recently we sat down with the founder of Hem.Digital to discuss how the world of learning, locally and globally, has changed in the short-term and the long-term. Watch the full video to hear more about business models and mindsets that power tomorrow’s systems.

“A new story rearranging people’s sense of the possible, with the incumbents the last to know.… First, the people running the old system don’t notice the change. When they do, they assume it’s minor. Then that it’s a niche. Then a fad. And by the time they understand that the world has actually changed, they’ve squandered most of the time that they had to adapt.”

Clay Shirky compares EDUCATION to the Recording Industry. Bowen, William G.. Higher Education in the Digital Age (pp. 66-67). Princeton University Press. (2013).

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