Leading by Association

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, where technology, leadership, and employee experiences intersect the latest episode of Leading by Association brings together Generation1.ca Founder, Arundati Dandapani, MLitt, CAIP, CIPP/C and Dan Riley, Co-Founder and CEO at RADIC to discuss the future of work experience and organizational culture fresh from his workshops and presentation at QuestionPro’s XDay2023

In this episode, Dan shares the challenges with delivering a positive employee experience, mentioning that the HR space has become chaotic due to the influx of technology. He emphasizes connection, clarity, and meaning as being important for providing a better work experience. He also mentions that simplifying technology and using AI as a tool can streamline processes and create opportunities for more meaningful work, enhancing the overall work experience.

Dan advises organizations to audit their technology usage, simplify where possible, and ensure that tech solutions align with the organization’s goals and values. The key is to focus on solutions that genuinely solve problems and contribute to human growth. He believes that taking care of employees is fundamental to long-term success and encourages a people-first mentality

From disrupting traditional HR practices to shaping the future of work experiences, the dialogue unfolded as a rich tapestry of insights and inspiration. Tune into their full conversation below.

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