Leading by Association

In this episode of Leading by Association, Generation1.ca Founder Arundati Dandapani sits down with ESOMAR’s Director General, Joaquim Bretcha to discuss his incredible journey in the data, analytics and insights industry and the invaluable learnings he has gathered along the way.

Joaquim Bretcha is a former President at ESOMAR and works as an Economist at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. As the current Director General at ESOMAR, he is a true connector, and has in the past been instrumental in establishing and expanding the International Business Unit at Netquest since 2010. He also co-founded the NGO “Health us Nepal” with the mission of providing healthcare services to the remote Humla region. 

In this conversation with Arundati, Joaquim stresses the importance of continuous learning, an international perspective, and cultural background as key factors in his career development. Arundati and Joaquim delve into the progress in AI and translation technology, making language barriers less significant in the research industry. However, Joaquim emphasizes that cultural background and knowledge are also important in interpreting data and information.

Together, Arundati and Joaquim discuss the challenges and importance of public opinion research in understanding and reflecting society, particularly in the context of political decision-making. Joaquim advises professionals in the industry to focus on acquiring diverse skills, emphasizing values such as honesty, empathy, and social responsibility.  Furthermore, Joaquim highlights the need for an ethical framework in an increasingly technological world and encourages the listeners to use their capacity to positively impact society whenever an opportunity arises. 

These values are perfectly aligned with Generation1.ca, a platform and community that empowers and enables Canada’s and North America’s newcomers, with data leadership, skill development opportunities, and resources critical to their development as professionals in a rapidly changing and disrupted multicultural and interdisciplinary society and workforce. ESOMAR remains a proud and cherished partner and supporter of Generation1.ca’s milestones, impact and initiatives for the global community, for which we are also deeply thankful.

Tune into this full conversation below.

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