Cannabis Insights Forever Conference

Conference Date: Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Format: Virtual


Conference Description: On Wednesday, December 14th, we are hosting an end-of-year virtual insights confluence to mark new knowledge with lessons from a fast-growing field. This conference will pull together top stories in innovation from brands, consumers and technologists as we look back on the past four years of cannabis legalization in Canada and in other parts of the world with a comparative lens. Join data leaders from various global organizations as they discuss market forces, insights, innovations and corporate social implications for cultures, brands, workplaces, and societies around the world. (You will need to be aged 19 years and above to attend this event, or as the law applies in your jurisdiction.)

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Conference AgendaEach session includes interactive time for audience Q-A.

10 AM – 10:30 AM ET

Welcome Keynote Panel:

Four Year Look Back Look Ahead: What has Changed in Canada and the World?

Richard Carleton, CEO, Canadian Securities Exchange; Abi Roach, Senior Manager of Product Initatives, Ontario Cannabis Store; Pete Patterson, CEO of Valcon Medical A/S; Lone Knudsen Krogsbøll, Team Lead, Invest in Odense, Invest in Denmark; Rachel Colic, Co-Chair National Cannabis Business Council, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Chief Strategist YCREATIVE; Arundati Dandapani, Founder,, Founder and Chair, Cannabis Insights Forever

Around the world in legal cannabis, what have been some regulatory strides and upheavals? How have the distinct market structures across North America and the world lent themselves to the current status of cannabis in each region? What more can we hope to achieve in the next few years?

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM ET

Spotlight on Users and Shopper Insights

Pricing Dynamics and Potency: Increasing Legal Sales through Tax and Potency Limit Reductions  

Craig Worden, President and Chief Innovation Officer and Mubashera Kothawala, Associate Vice-President, Pollara Strategic Insights

What is the role of price and potency in the consumption of legal cannabis? Will price/tax reductions and THC potency improvements attract cannabis users to purchase legally rather than illegally? The cannabis industry is criticizing, and asking for reforms to, the current cannabis tax regime, as they say that legal cannabis prices are too high to effectively compete with illegal sources. This presentation will focus on results from a national survey that measures usage frequency, types / formats used, legal or illegal sources,  perceptions of price and potency differences between legal vs. illegal sources, likelihood to purchase legal rather than illegal when faced with a range of different % price reductions and THC potency increases, in order to discern potential impact of these changes on legal source purchasing – and where the sweet spot is, generally speaking, on both fronts.

Stories of Innovation: From Niche to Mainstream Cannabinoids

Mike Luce, Co-founder and CEO, High Yield Insights

Cannabis consumers continue to shop for THC content, consistently ranking THC among the top product attributes driving purchase decisions. Beyond THC and CBD, cannabis consumers have little confidence in understanding cannabinoids like CBN and CBG. Consumers stand to benefit if the industry can spread awareness and understanding of these and other so-called minor or novel cannabinoids. Findings from recent cannabis studies demonstrate a gap between the industry’s excitement and the perspective of most consumers. Examples drawn from recent product launches also show how novel cannabinoids are helping innovative cannabis consumer brands stand out in crowded categories. Data from a recent study of 1,400 current US cannabis consumers across 20+ adult use and medical states will address:

  • Where THC and CBD content rank among purchase drivers, compared to other cannabinoids,
  • Degree of familiarity with Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds,
  • Perspectives on Delta 8 and where cannabinoids are sourced,
  • The profile of “cannabnoids savvy” consumers including demographics, spending patterns, product usage, and lifestyles.

Health is Wealth: Unlocking New Potential

11:30 AM – 11:45 AM ET

The Health and Wellness Cannabis Consumer – 15 mins

Robin Brown, Executive Vice-President, Dig Insights

What does the American health and wellness cannabis consumer look like, and what marketing messages will help them overcome barriers to cannabis use? The typical 22-year-old “male stoner” might still run in the minds of US popular culture, but there is a new segment in the cannabis market that has not yet been met. The Wellness Consumer seeks alternatives to traditional medicine to help with physical and mental wellness. However, these consumers face challenges entering the market because of a lack of awareness and social stigmas surrounding cannabis use. Learn about who the Wellness Consumer is including their values and preferences and opportunities for brands to market their products to the growing cohort.

11:45 AM – 12 PM

Combusting with Cannabis and Harm Reduction Issues

Habatamu Nagawo, Warehouse Technician, PepsiCo; Research Analyst Program graduate, Georgian College, Seeking Next Research Role

In this presentation Habatamu will present a scoping review he had conducted at Conestoga College on the impact of combusting cannabis on the likelihood of contracting respiratory diseases. Is smoking cannabis more benign than smoking tobacco? How does smoking cannabis impact the health of active smokers, passive smokers and the entire cannabis community? How has the pandemic impacted those who prefer to consumer flower (the majority) of cannabis users. What must healthcare providers do to communicate messages around harm reduction in the consumption of cannabis? Join this session to find out more.

Future of Cannabis: Closing Keynotes

12 PM -1 PM: Regulatory Trends and Market Structures in Legal Cannabis

Axel Bernabe, Chief of Staff, New York State Office of Cannabis Management
Lucas McCann, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, CannDelta
Adriana Hemans, Director of Marketing, Chorus Compliance

1 PM – 1:30 PM: Navigating the Grey Market around the World

Dr. Ruth Fisher, Co-founder, CannDynamics
Pete Patterson, Chief Executive Officer at Valcon Medical A/S

1:30 PM – 2 PM:
Closing Panel: The Future of Cannabis Marketing

Rachel Colic, Co-Chair National Cannabis Business Coalition / Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Chief Strategist YCREATIVE; Lisa Buffo, Founer and CEO, Cannabis Marketing AssociationArundati Dandapani, Founder,, Founder and Chair Cannabis Insights Forever

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