Leading by Association

Successful strategic partnerships have been able to effectively counter the negative forces for market volatility across industries, further creating new opportunities through the pandemic-aided era of competitive collaboration.

What are some unmet opportunities for trade associations to propel their industries and constituents in paths that are inclusive, interconnected and forward looking? Which types of industry associations are faring better or worse than others and why? What is the future of public- private partnerships, and what is their evolving role in business dynamics, locally and globally?

Our founder along with Daniel Varroney, author of Reimagining Industry Growth: Strategic Partnership Strategies in an Era of Uncertainty, will discuss the opportunities and challenges in strategic leadership facing non-profit associations across markets and contexts. Varroney recently also wrote recommendations on how the energy industry and its suppliers should work with the industry’s trade associations to develop a cohesive energy policy in the US.

Tune into this conversation for actionable insights on navigating your industry ecosystem and maximizing your relationships with diverse or associated industry bodies. You will also gain from the advice and knowledge shared about strategizing for success across a fuller range of industry participants, and be equipped with a better understanding of the, tools, avenues, and forums to channel their next efforts and take active steps in future-proofing your constituents, and expanding your organizational strides most effectively. Trade associations are making a comeback as industry wide threats loom.

Varroney is the founder of Potomac Core, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in association transformation. He has built on his own successful career as an association executive, leading groups with diverse focus, from manufacturing to high tech to finance and advocacy. Through his own management experience—and nearly a decade advising association clients—he has applied his data-driven strategic process to the business and market challenges of trade groups and the companies they represent.

Watch the recording below.

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