Glass Ceilings, Bottlenecks and the Genesis of Breakthrough Brands

By Arundati Dandapani

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Cannabis is a fascinating sector for many reasons, both for consumers and industry participants. Cannabis insights paint an even more wholistic picture of Canadians and Americans as they brace themselves for a post-legalization landscape. Read all about this presentation made at the AAPOR’s 75th Annual Conference on June 11th, as part of a Mixed Methods and Alternative Solutions Qualitative Panel – Research in Practice.

Grateful to engage with and learn from the vast gamut of expertise in plant and non-plant touching ancillary sectors of cannabis to divine thought-provoking insights about this complex business as it evolves.

Here is a link to my presentation – it’s echoey as it’s the recording of a recording of the insights presented “virtually live” at AAPOR’s 75th Conference.

Or you can choose to view the echo-free version re-recorded below:


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