Brand Growth in the Pandemic

COVID-19 took everyone by shock and surprise. The devastating effects of a health crisis were well documented by several global institutions and data-repositories.

Abundant narratives flooded the canvas. Brands began grappling with new strategies to engage meaningfully with their consumers. WARC declared the winners and the losers quickly. There were short-term and long-term winners and losers in this pandemic according to their latest 2020 recession playbook. What was a matter of inspiration and encouragement for all was the resilience and perseverance that helped some categories and brands surge ahead of the rest. Some saw “opportunity in the chaos”.

A set of lightening talks curated by our founder for the MRIA touch on critical elements of the COVID-19 landscape: brand launch, competition, profitability, and civic consciousness, to arrive at helpful takeaways that detail how brands of the future can win in the post-pandemic world.

How does an insurance company launch a winning brand in the midst of the world’s most severe health crisis in decades? 

How is the changing competitive landscape forcing CPG brands to adopt new partnerships and models that reach consumers directly? 

What seismic behaviour shifts have defined the “COVID-19” consumer?

Why is cannabis so essential to retailers and consumers in the worst of times?

How are civic movements dealing with the double whammy of the pandemic and social unrest to surge in relevance to their most valued constituents?

All this and more in a scintillating set of lightning talks on brand growth in a pandemic. 

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