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Nearly one in four in Canada was born outside of Canada. Immigrants thus make up the largest share of Canada’s population in over 150 years and continue to shape who we are as Canadians. In the past five-six years alone, immigrants have also accounted for about four-fifths of the growth in the labour force, coming from different countries and backgrounds (Statistics Canada, 2022). Our community at Generation1.ca empowers and integrates newcomers into this disrupted post-global landscape where immigration is a journey that impacts both immigrants and non-immigrants, as we harness opportunities and pathways to integration, professional and social success and happiness.

You are invited to join our social impact enterprise Generation1.ca on LinkedIn and become an active participant in a community that celebrates and empowers Canada’s newest residents. Our platform is all about sharing diverse experiences, fostering knowledge, and leveraging the untapped potential of newcomers with good data stories and leadership. 

Here’s how you can participate and why it matters:

How to add followers if you are not yet following the Generation1.ca page on LinkedIn:

How to invite your connections to follow Generation1.ca on LinkedIn if you are already following the page:

  1. Access Generation1.ca on LinkedIn: In the LinkedIn search bar at the top of the page, type “Generation1.ca” and press Enter or Click here to access Generation1.ca LinkedIn page.
  2. Invite Your Connections: Once you’re on the Generation1.ca page, click “Invite connections”.
  3. Choose Connections to Invite: A new window will open, displaying your LinkedIn connections. Here, you can select the connections you’d like to invite to follow Generation1.ca. You can choose individual connections or use the “Select All” option.
  4. Send Invitations: After selecting your connections, click the “Send Invitations” button. LinkedIn will then send your invitations to your selected connections.

If You Want To Go Fast Go Alone, If You Want To Go Far Go Together

An African Proverb

By joining us and encouraging your connections to also follow, you will expand your network, gain exclusive insights into upcoming projects, opportunities, contests, career and other trends and resources while actively empowering Canada’s and North America’s newcomers, and establishing yourself as a connector and a leader in a global community focused on growth, collaboration, creativity and inclusivity. Together we create a more welcoming and supportive environment for newcomers to Canada and North America and travel far in our successes.

Join us today and be part of this exciting and rewarding journey whether you are a newcomer or an ally!

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