Welcome to Our Fall 2023 Interns

As Generation1.ca prepares for its highly anticipated Fall 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair
and Case Competition, we are delighted to welcome our newest cohort of fall interns who are playing a pivotal role in the success of some of our initiatives.

Currently enrolled in Humber College’s Research Analyst Program, our interns’ enthusiasm levels and dedication to learning and up-skilling to find new careers, align perfectly with Generation1.ca’s commitment to fostering talent and creating meaningful opportunities within a 130 billion US$ annual turnover strong data, analytics and insights industry. We are excited to renew our collaboration with Humber College interns who bring in their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and boundless energy to support some of our activities and work.

Humber’s commitment to providing a polytechnic education is at the heart of our mission, and our partnership with Generation1.ca exemplifies this dedication. By seamlessly blending theory with hands-on training and real-world experiences, we empower our students to thrive. Our collaboration with Generation1.ca has been a catalyst for personal and professional growth, giving our students a competitive edge in the job market, nurturing their skills, and fostering self-confidence. We are deeply grateful for Generation1.ca’s support in the continued academic and career success for our Research Analyst Graduate Students.

Bhavi Gandhi, Placement Advisor, Humber College, Research Analyst Program

Generation1.ca’s Virtual Insights Career Fair’s theme “Techfluence, Connection, and Data Excellence: Insights from the Top,” aims to bridge the gaps in the labour market by enabling vast connections across data, technology, business innovation, and marketing led by founder Arundati Dandapani, MLitt, CAIP, CIPP/C. We invite all job seekers and employer organizations who are invested in supporting leading North American talent to join us on Friday, September 29 from 10 AM to 5 PM EST For ESOMAR member employers and Insights Association Canadian Chapter corporate member employers, Generation1.ca offers a 40% discount – see the event page for more details on where to find and apply your coupon code.

Hear more from Generation1.ca’s fall 2023 interns:

Ishika Anil Varma

 I am passionate about being at the forefront of innovation and transformation, and excited to be part of the dynamic team at Generation1.ca that constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible by equipping data leaders with successful tools.  I’m particularly excited about Generation1.ca’s Fall Virtual Insights Career Fair and Case Competition 2023 because it represents a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between aspiring talent and industry leaders. It’s a platform where ideas, innovation, and talent converge to shape the future of data and insights. I believe this event will empower both job seekers and employers to explore new horizons and forge meaningful connections. Hope you’ll join us!

Ishika Anil Varma, Generation1.ca Intern, Humber College RAP Graduate

Jasneet Kaur Chahal

The potential to derive meaningful insights from data, like the modern-day alchemy of information, fascinates me. Generation1.ca’s Fall Virtual Insights Career Fair and Case Competition 2023 is an exciting opportunity for me to engage with a diverse community of aspiring professionals and industry leaders. I look forward to networking, learning, and growing through Generation1.ca’s events and opportunities.

Jasneet Kaur Chahal, Generation1.ca Intern, Humber College RAP Graduate

Meera Patel

Generation1.ca’s internship enables me to dig into complicated data to find insightful patterns and help guide decisions. This is why our sector excites me. I am thrilled to help organizations grow their businesses potential through Generation1.ca’s Fall 2023 Virtual Insights Career Fair and Case Competition by helping supply highly skilled job seekers and supporting the needs of leading employers and anxious jobseekers during their most difficult time of job search in a new country via Generation1.ca’s much-celebrated career resources.

Meera Patel, Generation1.ca Intern, Humber College RAP Graduate

For queries, please contact Generation1.ca’s founder Arundati Dandapani at arundati@generation1.ca

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