World’s Best Weed and Web3 Data Stories

Our showcase initiative Cannabis Insights Forever is proud to bring together our second annual conference with leaders across brands, products, data and insights in weed to build awareness, training and innovative thinking about the future impacts of cannabis reform in Canada, USA and the world.

Join us across uncanny and interesting data points from stories about product excellence, insightful marketing and consumer psychology. Learn from the success stories of brands that leveraged data and insights innovation with web3 technologies to build powerful communities and impactful journeys for everyone who uses, consumes, buys or sells legal weed around the world.

Learn all about

Best Brands in the Business:

  • Across retail, product, and customer experience, a peek into some memorable campaigns
  • How to create effective value propositions for diverse cannabis brands using web3
  • Top web3 trends being leveraged by leading or less known cannabis brands to seize their share of the market

Overcoming Consumer Blind Spots:

  • Common barriers to adoption of health and wellness treatments like psychedelics, and how can behavioural science nudge people to break away from feelings of fear?
  • Safe and secure banking for cannabis brands and the promise of the blockchain
  • Building trust, transparency and excitement with the metaverse for meeting your revenue targets while serving your audience desires completely

Weed and Wellness 5.0:

  • What is the evolving relationship between Weed’s impact on Health and Wellness?
  • How are novel cannabinoids impacting the marketplace?

Weed and Web3 Best Practices:

  • Best practices in web3 applications of cannabis businesses to elevate the quality of brands, products, and other innovations coming out of the legal weed business around the world
  • Top regulatory milestones and hurdles on the North American radar and beyond.

Future Spotting and the StartUp Game:

  • The changing VC market and how this impacts new weed startups and ventures

All tiers of engagement are listed above, and any partner-based knowledge created will be offered in collaboration with, the organizers. Relive the success of last year’s conference, and get excited to welcome some of our returning partners at this year’s tech-powered showstopper including notable names from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Cannabis Committee, The New York State of Cannabis Management, CannDelta Regulatory Services, Province of British Columbia, Invest in Odense and Denmark, and the US-based Cannabis Marketing Association among several others on October 19, Wednesday, all day, virtually!

Register as an attendee using the form below. Our event is powered by platform sponsors Cannabis Marketing Association.

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