Canada’s Best Newcomer Stories Contest 2023

Over a quarter of all immigrants with foreign degrees are working in jobs that require, at most, a high school diploma. This is twice as high as the over-qualification rate for Canadian-born or Canadian-educated degree holders.

Statistics Canada, 2022

Addressing the challenge of newcomer integration across sectors or industries through professional life, especially within data and insights, research, business analytics and marketing spheres, while recognizing and responding to the diverse strengths and dreams of Generation1 movers and arrivers has been foundational to our mission. As Canadian policy and economics continue to target droves of disparate versatile professionals and international students and graduates from around the world and post the pandemic to rebuild and reimagine opportunity in a new country and continent, is launching a contest to award some of the best data storytelling that reflects on a range of experience, vision and narrative to grow the rich tapestry of tales that define, challenge and celebrate this nation’s fastest growing demographic of immigrant newcomers as we navigate a changing North America.

If you are an organization or entity looking to support and partner on our initiative to reward some of the best newcomer stories that use data and insights innovation to showcase unique struggles, issues or challenges faced by our community of first-generation movers and arrivers who moved alone to Canada in their adulthood, get in touch. Winning entries will point to recommendations (e.g. products, services or solutions) that improve the integration journey and experience demonstrating innovation and enterprise while creating captivating moments of truth and insightful stories. If you would like to support this program, please contact and express your specific interests with this opportunity. More details about the contest itself and how to participate as well as information about the awards, jury and our sponsoring partners will be announced in the fall of 2023.

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