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In this segment of Leading by Association, we interviewed Alison Simpson, the CEO and President of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). Simpson shares fascinating insights about her career journey and aspirations, a brilliant view into the marketing profession, terrific stories and examples that illustrate how effective leadership positively impacts businesses and society. This is a must-watch episode and full of quotable quotes and useful advice for all those within or impacted by the marketing profession.

Here’s the full video and some fun clips below that:

I absolutely believe that marketing is mission-critical to business. Marketers are so much the voice of customers for the business and as marketers we provide incredibly valuable perspectives and insights about customers across all aspects of the businesses we represent. Marketers are also pivotal to developing new products and revenue streams. There are so many ways the marketing profession contribute to thriving economies and thriving businesses. We really do positively drive our economy.

Alison Simpson, President and CEO, Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)

Storytelling, according to Simpson, has made a comeback, and ads that have truly inspired her the most are Apple’s 1984 Commercial and Like a Girl. In addition to all her accomplishments, she also serves on the advisory board for the Master of Management Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Program at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Catch some snippets of our conversation below in the video clips, and also watch the full video!

I learned early on through diverse experiences that we all really need leaders to champion the success and development of underrepresented groups.

Alison Simpson, President and CEO, Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)

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