Speaking Truth to Power: Panels at WAPOR74

Our founder, through her work and roles at the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and the Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada (CAIP) and beyond, chaired two sessions at the 74th Annual WAPOR Conference that was conducted virtually in November 2021. The first panel she chaired was “Reality versus Hope: What Skills are Needed in Global Public Opinion Research?” which featured her own presentation of “How Associations Connect Talent with Client Success in Public Opinion Research,” setting the context for the role of associations in driving positive labour market outcomes for the industry, skills needed for entry-level roles in research, as well as some Canadian public opinion around the value of research to Canadians and Business Executives, followed by presentations from industry partners at Algonquin College Nathaniel Stone, FCRIC, CAIP and his graduate Tasnim Islam of the Algonquin College Marketing Research and Analysis Program who dove deeper into the survey to assess the skills needs for the industry’s newest participants. [Read also: Marketing Research Training: What to Add? by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam, Essential Attributes for Success in Marketing Research: The “Soft” Skills by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam, Required “Hard” Skills for Marketing Research Professionals by Miguel Huapaya Toledo and Tasnim Islam ].

You can access the full panel presentation at WAPOR’s conference site.

The session below is from the media and the polls session of “News, Media, Journalism and Public Opinion” which discussed a study about expat satisfaction, levels of trust in social media, the impact of media consumption on electoral political engagement, and understanding news frames in the context of a strong increase in local migration patterns with respect to differences between media platforms and immigrants’ nationalities.

The above shot is of the organizers at the WAPOR conference.

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