A Changing Marketplace of New Collar Workers

Darian Kovacs, Partner Jelly Academy / Jelly Marketing sat down to discus the opportunities with credentials today. Topics covered included: the rise of new collar work and disruptions with (big spending in) technology (data science, cloud computing and artificial intelligence), and the importance of making education and training more accessible to improve career outcomes for a changing workforce.

We’ll need new models of collaboration among businesses, government and post-secondary institutions. We’ll need companies driving cutting-edge innovation to take a bigger role in work-integrated learning and training. And we’ll need workers and students to adopt a mindset of constant learning. Chronic problems will have to be tackled too, including longstanding bottlenecks in our pipeline of skilled tradespeople and a failure to tap into under-utilized pools of talent such as women, immigrants and Indigenous youth.”

Green Collar Jobs – THe Skills Canada Needs to Achieve a Net ZERO Economy – RBC

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