Five Immigrant-friendly Industries in Canada

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In the mosaic that is Canada, a unique blend of various cultural influences, languages, and experiences has always been one of the most enduring strengths of its multiculturalism. The tradition of welcoming newcomers to the True North is rooted in Canada’s national identity and is part of the national story as much as the maple leaf or hockey. To this effect, a variety of industries actively embrace immigrants’ skills, experiences, and innovative perspectives, with some sectors perceived to offer more potential, opportunities to thrive and desired environments for immigrants. This article explores five such “immigrant-friendly” sectors to find work in.


In the past five years, there’s been a roughly 11 % growth increase in the tech sector in Canada, which has created around 193 billion Canadian dollars in revenue. In terms of jobs, in 2020, it was named the third-largest sector, employing approximately 966,617 individuals. Plus, the Canadian government has launched specific programs for qualified immigrants in tech roles. Typically, these pathways include fast-tracked routes to permanent residency.

For example, the Quebec government launched an immigration pilot program in April 2021, providing benefits to certain technology professionals. This program allows foreign workers, especially those in tech-related fields, to establish permanent residence in Quebec. Other outstanding cities with a bustling tech scene worth considering to move to include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Kitchener.


With a focus on telemedicine, advanced medical technology, and senior home care, Canada’s health industry is growing exponentially, contributing approximately 13 % to the country’s GDP. Our healthcare sector employs over 1.6 million individuals, with around a third aged over 55 years old. Consequently, the demand for more skilled workers is expected to rise to maintain exceptional healthcare services.

Immigrants constitute 1 out of every 4 healthcare sector workers, thanks to our permanent residence fast-track programs at the provincial and national levels. This sector has several business and employment opportunities for nurses, physicians, and home/ senior care service providers, especially in provinces like Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.


Contributing to around 7 % of the GDP, agriculture is one of the sectors with the most employment opportunities for Canada’s immigrants. As a result of an ever-growing demand for organic and sustainable farming practices, Canada has seen significant growth in demand, especially for cattle, maple syrup, veal, beef, canola, vegetables, and poultry.

If you have the necessary funds, you could also consider producing specialty crops or raising uncommon livestock in your region. Also, as a farm owner, you could explore the option of agri-tourism as an additional source of income.

If you are not planning to start a business immediately, provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Colombia are looking for professionals, including winemakers, farm workers, transport workers, butchers, and beekeepers.


The Gaming industry in Canada is the largest sector in the entertainment industry generating over $15 billion in revenues annually, directly supporting more than 135,000 jobs in the sector. Gaming helps fund $9 billion to various government and community programs each year.

As of 2021, the Canadian gambling industry is valued at $13 billion, with projections forecasting a 7% growth in the next five years, resulting in a market volume of US$418 million by 2027. Several gaming companies such as Great Canadian Entertainment and Loto-Québec are rapidly expanding.

The job market for casino workers is currently stable and is expected to remain so for at least the next decade. Diversity is very important for modern casino companies, so many are throwing their doors open to immigrant workers. These include positions such as croupiers, dealers, attendants, operators, and managers. Additionally, online casinos operating real money slots in Canada are increasingly seeking remote workers. For immigrants, Calgary, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Victoria, and Toronto provide the most strategic opportunities for working in a casino.


The educational sector in Canada has seen steady growth in the past seven years, boasting of some of the best schools, colleges and universities. In fact, Canada’s public education system ranks fourth in the world, and the country invests roughly 6 % of its GDP, or $11,854 per student, in the education sector. Thus, educators are always in high demand in virtually every province. Education is a top employment-generating sector, with over 35,500 businesses operating within the sector as of 2020. Some of the most important careers in this field include classroom teaching, education administration, home tutoring, curriculum development, and college lecturing.

Now you know where to land your next job if you are actively seeking out immigrant-friendly sectors as a newcomer to Canada.

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