At the Frontier of Edutech

By Arundati Dandapani

When I was 7 years old, I built a “physical” school with bamboo chairs in a garage shed called “Monica Public School”, an anglicized name signifying some degree of English-medium proficiency especially for those who were not able to go to school and spent their early childhoods helping their elders finish their work in factories or others’ homes where I taught basic literacy (reading, writing, arithmetic). Decades later, after publishing a handful of world-class Business and Management textbook bestsellers at varied organizations through my careers in media-edu-tech and after, I got all “Deaned” up to prepare and sign off some of the cleverest of Marketing Research Professionals earning their research credentials in Canada in my work at MRIA as their CIO. Check out some of the proud cohorts of certified professionals display their awards on social media in 2020-2021:

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