How to Get Rich in the Rental Marketplace

By Ziad O. El Shourbagy

This story starts with two neighbours.

A storm had blown through a low-key small town neighbourhood, leaving quite a mess for the homeowners to deal with. Once the wind had subsided, Steve was busy trying to divide up a tree that had fallen in his yard. His neighbour, Bruce, ventured out to survey the damage, checking up on what Steve was dealing with. This wasn’t an average tree, and the pair quickly decided that they would need a bigger chainsaw. Surely it wouldn’t make sense to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on something that was only going to be used once for this isolated incident… It dawned upon them that there must be someone in the area who had the tool required for this sporadic situation. And thus, their brainchild Ruckify was born.

Did you know? Last year in Spring, Ruckify developed an initiative to help the United Way and Red Cross by providing temporary donations of water pumps and generators to fight the severe flooding seen along the Ottawa river. Ruckify discovered during this time that people are much more likely to loan out much needed expensive equipment like a generator if they know that it will eventually be returned. A rent-anything platform that was able to track the location of the equipment,  alongside offering quick and safe delivery was able to make that possible.

Ruckify is an online peer-to-peer rental marketplace. It is a platform connecting communities with one another to share items they own—eliminating needless spending, reducing the amount of useful items winding up in landfill, and bringing us one step closer to a zero-waste scenario.

Earn more? As a member, you can start your own side-hustle by generating a new stream of income, renting out items you already own like clothing, tents, equipment, furniture or office supplies. All this, while being environmentally sustainable! Ruckify has pledged to plant a tree for every sign-up, every rental, and every review in the app—with a goal of growing 1 billion trees. This is made possible by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects, known for their work with reducing extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. Since they began over 250 million trees have been planted around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique.

Similar to Uber and Airbnb, all first-time users are verified with their legal name and address on Ruckify. Users are also allowed to give and receive ratings based on their interactions—to keep one another accountable and foster a trusted community. When renting their personal or household items, members also have the option to request a deposit upfront or even have their items covered by insurance, embedded as an option on the platform.

Ruckify is helping all those signed up on their platform get closer to financial freedom offering affordable items for lease while creating a new opportunity for anyone to earn revenue without any initial investment. So stop collecting dust on your precious goods and start collecting dollars in this peer-to-peer rental marketplace.

Register for the upcoming Ruckify webinar on How to Build a Successful Side-Hustle, hosted by Bruce Linton, a seasoned corporate leader and now tech entrepreneur who will further show you some tricks on how to get rich on the rental marketplace.

There’s plenty of handy and interesting items posted on Ruckify daily, as well as experiences to scan and avail of. Create an account here or use code GENERATION1 for $35 RuckBucks rental credit to be deposited into your account towards any rental you make!

Ziad O. El Shourbagy is a Community Engagement Manager at Ruckify.

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