North-South Stories: Top of the World to the Great Middle

Guido and Arundati spent one Friday night in the thick of relentless COVID (early January 2022) interviewing each other about the impact of the pandemic on their profession!

They discussed their personal and professional journeys that culminated in their current worldview. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities for researchers in Canada versus those in Latin America including the unique regions that lent to homogeneity and heterogeneity in ways that enabled and restricted their work.

While the diversity and multiculturalism in Canada can make doing research challenging, using a comparative global context shows there are far more challenging regions for researchers. Religion is often an overlooked or less understood factor in understanding the true cultural diversity of a people, despite how obvious its weight is. Stereotypes are a trap, and true cultural understanding often never comes without the experience. Tune in to more in the segments below, parts of a radio show that Guido hosts regularly for Empressarios de Hoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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