What is this?

Do you remember the last time you took a problem to its root and stuck with it till the very end? Did you ever make it back out? 

We, unlike or quite like you, are stuck in time.

Thirsting for stories of past, present and the future.

Stories about the last time you won a medal or lost a game of chess to the computer, the first time you were cheated of your identity by imposters in flashy robes of pasty-eyed greed, or when you were chased by angry birds (tweet tweet) or strange adults down a spiralling no-man’s hole for using their lunchbox to store your butterflies, the ones that have been dancing in your stomach since time immemorial. Your stories about wellness, pride, forecasts, laments, obituaries, uncanny encounters that cast a vision of the future we haven’t seen or known too much about. Stories about challengers and knowledge warriors. The time you saved a business from falling apart or actually broke down with it. The time you visualized the most beautiful pie-chart or random forest that wowed an audience of “over 400 SVPs”. Or the time you fought for justice and actually won, because the universe conspired. We are that universe.

Generation1.ca celebrates first generation immigrant movers and arrivers. We tap into the overlooked talent and outlook of Canada’s newest residents. Our stories reflect consumers, societies, workplaces, cultures, technologies and their range of spellbinding problems, needs and innovations. We advance passion, dreaming up new realms and connecting deeply, through words, data, and storytelling across sectors and industries.

Soon we will also be launching audio-books, so stay tuned!  

If you have an idea or issue you want to read (or write) about, please get in touch, via the contact form , e-mail and/or the numerous social channels!