Who am I?


Arundati Dandapani, MLITT, CMRP – researcher, curator, storyteller. I  featured in the 24th Edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report as a GRIT 2019 Future List Honoree. It means so much more than what winning a global beauty pageant, spelling bee or math olympiad might have meant to me, because this floods a spotlight on what I was “born” to do. I curate, create and acquire original content for Generation1.ca,  a vast body of finely crafted knowledge, unique voices and a digital resource that bridges access to new worlds, connecting pieces of the ever-evolving ideas marketplace in succinct little thought-pieces.  

How? By casting blogs on trends, events and issues that shape our moving worldview and human condition, often in collaboration with diverse and exciting thinkers and builders who fuel my industry fire with insights, zeal and thoughtfulness. This digital publication is a mosaic of some of the greatest quests for human, social, civic and market understanding on the planet,  and every modern researcher’s haven.  I also provide research content and media services to marketing research companies and would love to help you out! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will keep returning 🙂  

Photo by Dr. Annie Pettit, FMRIA at IIeX Feb 2019 in Amsterdam

You can connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via the contact form.